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How ForagerOne builtinteractive learning
platform with Video SDK

How ForagerOne builtinteractive learningplatform with Video SDK

ForagerOne connects students with faculty for integrative learning opportunities, enables faculty to build their research teams, and equips administrators with data-based actionable insights.

Challenge: Upgrading the Live Learning Experience

Before discovering VideoSDK, we were struggling to find a reliable solution for our video communication infrastructure, in virtual events. We faced numerous challenges with finding a solution that could be implemented quickly and also had good latency, connectivity, and high quality video so that our clients and their event attendees could connect effectively.

Michael Ashmead-Co-Founder, ForagerOne
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Video SDK is a great product that is cost-effective and has many features (and is adding new features rapidly too). We compared many video solutions but found Video SDK to be the best. In addition, they listen to their customers' feature requests and also have great customer support.

Michael Ashmead ,

Co-Founder, ForagerOne

Rewiring the Learning Experience with Video SDK

The Video SDK has revolutionized our video communication experience with its crystal-clear quality and elimination of latency issues. Integration with our existing tech stack was a breeze, leading to a seamless transition. Our customers now connect in real-time without hindrances, building stronger relationships with them. We highly recommend Video SDK to anyone seeking a reliable and high-quality video communication infrastructure solution that transforms the way you connect with your clients


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