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We are an end-to-end engagement solution which enables easy integration of real-time communication, live streaming, on-demand video and content delivery network in your app.

Realtime Audio & Video Programmable Cloud API & SDK
GET API/SDK/realtime-communication

Realtime Audio & Video Programmable Cloud API & SDK

Inbuilt support for edtech, dating and healthcare, connecting everyone with real-time video and audio communication APIs.

  • No lags while connecting, spotlight, real-time recording.
  • Interactive experience with chat, voice and video.

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Scalable low latency live streaming APIs
GET API/SDK/live-streaming

Scalable low latency live streaming APIs

Inbuilt support for k-pop, social media, gaming and broadcasting, create unlimited private channels with low latency live streaming APIs.

  • Flowless adaptive streaming with support of 98% devices across all platforms.
  • Low latency support with real time encoding of video streams with RTMP, WebRTC and SRT protocols.

Video hosting, encoding and streaming APIs
GET API/SDK/on-demand-video

Video hosting, encoding and streaming APIs

Inbuilt support for social media, video courses and OTT. End-to-end solution for video workflow such as hosting, encoding, streaming and delivery.

  • Auto scalable on-demand video hosting, encoding and streaming.
  • Great video experience with support of Adaptive streaming.

Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)
GET API/SDK/content-delivery

Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Inbuilt support for Over the top(OTT), Gaming and Online TV. Global Content Delivery Network with global geo-replication and edge location delivery.

  • DDoS protection, fastest delivery and enterprise grade security
  • Easy to set up and next generation CDN.

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