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Whitelabel for Education

"video conferencing for education" web based "video conferencing" video learning experience of virtual classes, whiteboard, video rooms for education.

Sagar kava-May 31, 2021- 8 min read
Whitelabel for Education

In modern times, we have never kept ourselves away from the use of technology. Innovations happen daily and we happily accept them using in our day-to-day living. Similarly, we have real-time communication. In the recent trends, we have almost dedicated our time towards real-time communication, for keeping up with people, communicating with them.

We are in constant use of innovative technologies like Real-time chats, audio, and video calls, and more such, with the use of various applications for health, connectivity, education, and various other platforms. In a simple term, we are unknowingly using real-time communication everywhere connectivity is required.

ZujoNow works on a similar idea. We are a RTC company focusing on making better engagement experiences for our clients. Having had an amazing client base we have kept ourselves improving each day. This makes us launch ZujoNow WhiteLabel.

ZujoNow WhiteLabel is a platform for immersive meeting experiences over the virtual platform. It can be used for education, corporate meetings, social events, and more. WhiteLabel has been an immensely wonderful target-achieving project for ZujoNow.

Let us understand how WhiteLabel works. In this explanation, we have described the importance of WhiteLabel in our education Industry. One must keep this in the knowledge that WhiteLabel is not only designed for the Education industry but also supports industries of all kinds for meetings and communication.


WhiteLabel is developed on the idea of a video calling facility with peers, students, clients, and all who are a part of your daily communication. It is designed with several high-class features.  

In this blog, we have explained how WhiteLabel works for the education industry. Undoubtedly, it works for all the industries as mentioned prior. So let’s learn how it works in the case of education industries.


The very first process is to register yourself with ZujoNow Whitelabel

Once you visit the zujonow website, you will witness our amazing product ranges.

  • On the top, you will find ZujoNow Whitelabel.
  • Click Whitelabel and get to know our concept.
  • We also offer you some DEMO FREE TRIALS.
  • Click on the tab START YOUR TRIAL, which you will find in a drop-down at the Whitelabel option

You will reach the 'Signup for trial' page.

  • Enter your details.
  • Click on Sign up. You are now one step closer to starting up your free trial experience with ZujoNow Whitelabel.
  • Check your email. There is a surprise!
  • We have sent you your login credentials
  • Sign up with the credentials to start your free trial
  • You can also click on demo.zujonow.com from the email and log in.


  • Login yourself with ZujoNow. Look at the top right corner.
  • Click on login. You will land here
  • On signing up with ZujoNow we sent you your login credentials. Please check your email.
  • Enter the credentials and Sign in
  • In case you are the host, click START NEW MEETING
  • For joining an existing meeting, enter meeting code which host shared with you and click JOIN button.
  • Copy the link from the tab and share it with the meeting attendees
  • Click on JOIN
  • Attendees can enter the meet only after the Host joins


You have entered into the meeting. Look at the presence.

  • Let the attendees join
Welcome attendees!
You can also observe different items on the top. Let us discuss them in detail.

The Participants

On the extreme left of the screen, you can see how many attendees are at the meet. In simple terms, you can analyze the number of attendees present at the meeting. The participants' list can even rise to 5000, we have the potential.

The top left shows the number of participants at the meeting

Shifting towards the right, you will see the Search Box, where you can look for the participants entering their names. Believe it you can search for a person even on the participant count of 5000.

  • Search the name of any of the participants in the search tab
  • Only you and the searched participant will be on the screen among all the participants
The Search Space

Raise Hand

This tool allows the students to ask questions or queries alerting the speaker without disturbing the speaking flow. This makes the presentation go smoothly. The speaker can, later on, address the raised hand.

A white pop-up bar can be seen when someone raises a hand.

The white pop-up

The Chat Box

The Chat Box allows the participants to write suggestions, ask questions, give answers during the meeting. The speaker can answer the chat box once delivering his work.

on the right hand, the chat box window opens up, where all the participants can post their words

The Chat Box

The White Board

This is the most amazing as well as the most important part of Zujonow Meetings. To make things understood clear, we have designed a beautiful whiteboard that has many tools that help to make the concepts clear.

The White Board (example)

The whiteboard has some amazing features, have a look at the image:

  • Pencil sketch: Helps to mark and draw figures free-hand
  • Text format: To write on the board
  • Draw different types of shapes
  • Change colors from the color shade box
  • Pan around: Moving the object or the texts anywhere on the board
  • Zoom In & Zoom Out: To employ focus at different points
  • Undo click: To erase the last activity and make changes
  • Clear the Board: To jump over to a new topic, clearing  the previous part
  • Save the image: To help them for future use, sharing purpose, keeping records

The whiteboard helps in making explanations better. On this board, one can write, draw, sketch, color, and do many activities for making the presentation more interesting. The picture what you see, the White Board offers you more than that

Share Screen

A screen share allows the presenter to make the participants avail his presentations over the screen, sharing their window. In a screen share, the viewers can see the window of the presenter.

In simple words, they can view what the presenter wants to share from his device. For example: if the presenter wants to share his chrome tab, he has to click on the screen sharing option and avail of the action. Changes on the screen can also be made during the share.

  • Click on the screen share icon, you will be directed to a small window
  • Select one from the given options
  • Click on SHARE.
  • You will be notified once the screen sharing starts.
  • You have started presenting your screen. Here you can explain the content displaying on the screen to the viewers.
The Screen Share

A screen can be shared in three ways-

  1. The Entire Screen

Here the presenter shares all of his screen activities. The viewers can see where he directs them too, it makes them view the activity performed by the presenter in the current time on the screen. He can share everything; images, files, videos, presentations, etc with the viewers.

2.  A Window

In a window sharing,  the presenter shares only that screen which he wants to show to the viewers. No other screen activity of the presenter is visible to the viewers.

3.  A Chrome Tab

The presenter can choose the option of selecting only the chrome tab which needs to be shown to the viewers. Even if the presenter has the maximum tabs opened, only the single tab will be shown to the viewers which he selects to make visible to the viewers.

Screen Sharing Notification
  • Once you are done presenting, click on STOP SHARING or STOP PRESENTATION
  • you can also end the screen share by clicking on the screen share icon
  • Screen share ends. You will resume to the meeting page

Video and Audio access

the next two options after screen sharing are Video and Audio options. a user can turn his video and audio on or off as per need.

  • one can click on the Video and Audio button to switch on or off the video and microphone access

Meeting Recording

Zujonow allows its users the facility of recording the meeting. The meeting once recorded is saved on your device. You can access them in a video format and use them for references and sharing purposes.

  • To start recording the meeting, click on the call recording option
  • You will be notified once the recording starts
  • To end the recording, click again on the recording option
  • You will be notified that the video recording has stopped
  • Once the recording ends, it will be processed and the recorded meeting clip will be saved in your device folder.

The pictures above notify us

  • The green notification tab alerts that the recording has started
  • the blue notification bar alerts us that the recording has been stopped

Leave the Meeting

Once the meeting is at an end, it is time to leave the meeting.

  • To leave the meeting, click on the YELLOW button on the top right of the screen, which mentions- LEAVE.
  • Click on the LEAVE button, you will leave the meeting.

Use Whitelabel as your company's label

The Whitelabel can also be used as your company's name. For instance; instead of ZujoNow, you can watch your brand name placed as the meeting logo. To host a meeting in your brand name you can contact the ZujoNow Team at support@zujo.io, we are here for your help.

We cherish our clients

ZujoNow Whitelabel is one of our most important pieces of work. We have always believed that through Whitelabel we are going to achieve our goal to deliver some beautiful experiences to our users.

We have always kept our focus on improvising and upgrading ourselves for our users. We believe in discovering new ideas each day filming them onto our platform, making our clients and users achieve maximum benefits.

ZujoNow has always been supportive towards their clients and with Whitelabel, we have become more focused on them. We are always available for you, anytime you reach us for help, suggestion, or feedback, we welcome you wholeheartedly. Whitelabel will always provide you an amazing platform to grow your business beautifully and achieve a great level of success. We will love to be a part of your success story. We are here for you.

Thank you for reading.

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