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Frequently asked questions

Discover alredy asked questions for ZujoNow services.

I have my own Web/Mobile app and I want to add a video calling facility in it. Does ZujoNow SDK support this?

Yes, ZujoNow Realtime Communication SDK can provide support for video conferences in your new or existing web/mobile app.

How can I integrate ZujoNow SDK in my platform?

For developers, visit the documentation to integrate ZujoNow Realtime communication in your platform.

How much will I be charged?

Please go through pricing page for better understanding of our pricing structure.

How much ZujoNow can benefit me overall?

ZujoNow prices are up to 25% better than major SDK providers, without any compromise in quality or performance.

For startups, how can ZujoNow SDK be better?

Unlike other giant SDK providers, ZujoNow never charges for technical support.

I am interested in ZujoNow SDK, how can I test?

Our documentation will guide you to integrate the SDK quickly and you also get a bonus of 500 minutes free to check the quality and test while in development.

What additional value does ZujoNow SDK create?

With modern tech, our SDK consumes much less latency compared to all existing solutions, i.e. nearly 50% less internet consumption. Your users aren’t mandatorily required to connect to wi-fi for the best experience, as it works good enough with 4G or even 3G connections.

Not convinced, need to learn more about different SDKs, how does it compare?

Here is the list of major SDK giants across the globe for price to value comparison: Twilio, Vonage, Vidyo, MirrorFly, SendBird, Sinch, Apphitect IM, and Zego Cloud.

What about security, is the SDK secure enough?

Yes, ZujoNow SDK is end-to-end encrypted, hence no one can modify the video or audio in-transit between the participants. The same term is mentioned in the SDK legal agreement.

Doesn’t Zoom REST API cost much lower than minutes based pricing as they provide unlimited minutes?

Zoom REST API plan isn’t actually SDK. Zoom provides their customizable Video SDK plan on this page. Please compare the prices Zoom SDK


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