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Scalable low latency live streaming APIs
GET API/SDK/live-streaming

Scalable low latency live streaming APIs

Inbuilt support for k-pop, social media, gaming and broadcasting, create unlimited private channels with low latency live streaming APIs.

  • Flowless adaptive streaming with support of 98% devices across all platforms.
  • Low latency support with real time encoding of video streams with RTMP, WebRTC and SRT protocols.

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RTMP + SRT + WebRTC push and pull

Supports all modern protocols with low latency push and pull.

On-the-fly stream encoding

Encoding that supports 98% devices with optimised low storage.

Real-time recording

End-to-end real-time segmented recording support for playback.

On-demand recording playback

On-demand streaming of recorded videos.

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A single API call to go live anytime.

  const options = {
    method: "POST",
    headers: {
      Authorization: "...",
      "Content-Type": "application/json",
    body: JSON.stringify({
      name: "Nickname for livestream", // nickname for livestream
      record: true, // use false to disable recording

  const res = await fetch("https://api.zujonow.com/v1/livestreams", options);
  const { upstreamUrl, downstreamUrl } = await res.json();
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We create optimized versions of the video for different devices and connection speeds, in real time.


of input stream duration


We efficiently store high-quality, compressed versions of the video that are ready to be streamed.


of video stored (per month)


We deliver video to your viewers using optimized networks for the best possible viewer experience.


of video delivered

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